While we are getting down to the nitty gritty end of things now, there is still time to whip up a cute Teacher appreciation gift. Remember when we were in primary school, the last week of school was always spent watching movies and making Christmas decorations - namely paper chains. So many years I dragged yards of those silly things home, but they did have a way of making things look festive and bright, and they worked up quick.

So do these scarves. While I wouldn't recommend trying to make three of them in time for school break up on Friday, if you are just trying to make one you should be able to do it. I can make one link in about 15 minutes, so that's 7 hours for a whole scarf of 28 links. It's simply a chain of 28, ss to join, and chain 2 up, then hdc around and repeat for four rows. Couldn't be simpler!

These could be done in any colour scheme you choose - while I am, of course, partial to the rainbow myself, a simple red and green repeat would be very effective too. If you are only doing two colours, make all the links of one colour first, and then join two together as you make your contrasting link. These have to be joined as you go - there's no sewing, just make sure you tuck your ends under as you go and you'll be set.

And just for a laugh, Master Three trying to wear all three scarves :)