While I am lazing on a beach, celebrating Summer Solstice with my family, I want you to know it's not too late to whip up a last minute 'little something'. All the projects I'm sharing today take an hour or less to make, and better still, are all free patterns!

Fairy Ring. The pattern calls for a 2.75mm hook to fit a child's finger. I used a 3.5mm hook to fit an adult with great success. I made these two after lunch on Teachers Day (because my kids forgot to tell me until we were at school)

Teeny Tiny Hearts. If you make these using the magic ring method, you won't get that annoying big hole in the centre hers have. A string of these could make a nice bracelet or necklace joined together with a few chains for tying.

My Tiny Bunny. You'll need a Ravelry account to get this PDF download, but an account is free and gives you access to thousands more patterns in a searchable database.

Teeny Tiny Lobsters. This is another Rav download, but c'mon - tiny lobster! You just can't tell me that's not adorable! This pattern is a little trickier than the others, so if you are a beginner, leave yourself a little more time, and check the notes other people have made on their projects in the Projects tab on the Ravelry pattern page. It's a very helpful spot to check to see if a lot of people have had the same problem, and what they've done to solve or get around it. That said, remember I've only been crocheting for a year or so, so don't let all this put you off! Give it a go - if you just can't get it, you've only lost half an hour, and the designer has other teeny animals that might be easier too!