I made this bracelet for a Dr Who fan on Craftster recently for the Aussie Wish Swap (also known as the Meet a Craftster swap). They are really simple little ovals with popcorn stitch arms and legs. I stitched them together with embroidery thread, along with a few clear beads and finished with a lobster clasp. All very simple, but highly effective looking!

Round 1: 6sc in magic circle.
R2: inc around (12)
R3: 12 sc.
R4: [Inc 2, 5 sc] around (14 st).
R5: (with arms) 4 dc popcorn st, 6 sc, 4 dc popcorn st, 6 sc.
R6: 14 sc.
R7: [Inc 2, 6 sc] around (16 st)
R8: 16 sc
R9: Dec 2 around (8 sc)
R10: (with legs) 4 dc popcorn st, 3 sc, 4 dc popcorn st, 3 sc.

Stuff and stitch closed.

See? Nothing to it! I used 8ply yarn, and a 3mm hook to make these, and they are slightly over 1.5" high.