I bought myself a tiny little journal in an art shop a while back. I wanted something to put random art inspiration into, drawing, paintings etc. It's an awesome journal - really thick, stiff covers, spiral bound, heavy weight paper (watercolour weight in fact) and only cost me $10. It's also A6, so it fits in my handbag, and not just in the big backpack that doubles as a shopping carrier/handbag/nappy bag.

But I hadn't done anything with it. And that saddened me, because I used to need to haul around a sketch pad/book everywhere. Mind you, I used to get out and do more inspiring stuff back when I was a 19yo living on my own. Still, it remained that these blank pages shamed me.

Then I saw a journal-along at Craftster and thought it looked like just the thing to get me started, so here I go! The prompts and ideas all come from Soul Journaling.com

Day one's prompt was to cover 3 pages with pages from a dictionary, and then write over them starting with the prompt "today i feel..." Luckily I had an old, yellowed dictionary I'd picked up at the op shop to craft with, that only cost me 50c. (It's well out of date and missing lots of words, so I don't feel guilty about destroying it at all). Sarah had started with a double page spread, so I did too, but that left me with a blank spot.

I then went back and filled the "title" page with a freehanded dragon over and over (it's the tattoo I just got).

This is all just prep work, background if you will - next week I'll be covering these pages with a final layer.