So day two's next step was to cover all that writing up with gesso. I don't have any gesso, so I used watered down white paint, which was a pain because it took a few coats to get any coverage. I went ahead and did white over all four pages of writing since I skipped ahead and saw I'd have to do those pages too, so I may as well do it all in one(ish) go. I used purple and gold on my front page, though. I painted over the large dragon in the middle of the page to give it more definition, and gave it a glitter glue "shadow". I'm pretty happy with it.

After the 'gesso' had dried it was time to claim my journal. Specifically, filling the space up with my name and making it quite clear this was my journal. I wrote my name over as many times as it comfortably fit, then decorated the edges. I think I went a little overboard with that step, but it is perfect for this, because I do that, and this step was all about me. (hence the prevalence of rainbows)

I'd love to see your pages, if you'd like to share. Post in the comments your links and I'll visit them all. Fun, isn't it?