What have I done? I've gone and promised my other half a Tom Baker Doctor Who season 12 scarf, that's what I've done. Our tenth anniversary is coming up, and that's a good as reason as any to do craziness with yarn, so here goes. I figured I may as well blog about it, because if I'm accountable for my progress to all of you followers, like I was with the tetris blanket, there's a better chance I'll keep it up, and actually finish this thing on time.

 For those unfamiliar with this monstrosity parading as a scarf, here's a photo:


The colours are a little faded, being that it's an old photo, and my colours aren't perfect, I'll admit, but I did the best I could.

Here's my yarn. I have changed the purple out to one a little less red though, since that picture. - now... best I get to it!