I've been sharing a lot of yarny things lately and I thought I might switch it up a bit. These were part of a birthday swap package I sent out a year ago, so it's high time they got their moment in the sun. My partner and I both really like Placebo, so I thought I'd do some playing with GIMP and glue.

This is a large magnet, made from a photo print and glued onto large slabs of magnet (the center of one of those magnetic photo frames actually). The image is the lyrics of one of her favourite songs, and the album cover the song came off. The album art only shows up on the text itself, the spaces are black.

This is a small notebook I made with rainbow paper. The cover just has a picture of the band blowing bubbles, with quotes and little doodles on it. The same image is on the back cover. I left the spine black. I scored it along the inside, on either side of the spine, smeared glue along the inner spine, added the paper and voila. Simple, but effective, and one of a kind notebook.