You may have heard or seen the Teesha Moore patches taking the crafter-nets by storm lately. If not, you should google that. Really, what type of rock have you been hiding under? I bet it's quiet under there and you get a full night's sleep at least though... I digress. TM patches are everywhere, and they are fabulous, especially the bags sheepBlue makes from them. There had been much jealous discussion, about how we'd all like to do something like that but didn't have the time or absence of shiny distracty things to get a project with seemingly that much work to it done. Oh look, a puppy!

Then I had the idea that maybe we could do a swap on Craftster for just a few patches, and slowly build our collection to priject level. A lot of people thought they weren't random enough to do all different patches, so this seemed like a perfect way of doing it. And then because I with my big mouth came up with the idea, I had to got to run the swap. Nervewracking - my first swap as an Organiser!

The deal was 2 patches per partner, with up to 3 partners, but once we realised how quick these things were to whip up, a lot of us upped the ante to three patches, with the agreement of our partners, of course. Here's what I made and sent off.

My patches for Mod35tBabe. I love the happy 3.5" floppy disk the best, though I was quite pleased with the "42" too.

Patches for TheSapphireMoon - rainbows and buttons aplenty! I saw a FQ of that button fabric and just had to get it for her patch. And the rainbow fabric on the purple button patch? Turned out she used the same fabric to back one of the patches she made for me, all the way over in the US!

Texturey, Smurf and eye monster patch for Geniale. The eye patch idea came from a purse on her wist that was covered in googly eyes. I even sacrificed a small Happy Meal toy crab for this experiment, to cut his eye stalks off, and get this baby into the third dimension.

And another solo shot, so you can get a better sense of the 3d eyes.