So on Monday I showed you the patches I made for the recent TM patch swap (which I ran!). But of course, I couldn't stop with just those 9. Oh no, I was having far too much fun, and they were so much easier to whip up while watching tv of a night with my DP than anything done in crochet.

I've made an album for my spares over on the Facebook fan page, and if you'd like any of them, just comment (on the individual photo), or tag yourself in the photo, to claim it. You'll need to either leave your Craftster name, or make sure your FB settings allow me to message you, to sort out the details.

You can either trade me TM patches of your own, something else you've made, or we can work something else out.

Here are a few of the unclaimed ones:

Holding up the sky

Reverse applique with seed beads


Paper plane with french knots