In 12 days it will be Christmas Eve. Yeah, I know you don't want to hear it, but it's true. No doubt you've already been getting invitations to work parties and 'bring a plates' from childrens activities.

Perhaps you've been clever and spent months stocking the gift cupboard with little thoughtful handmade things for teachers and group leaders. So why go to less impressive lengths with your plate? Sure, you could do the 'white chocolate, jaffa and spearmint leaves on top of a chocolate Royal biscuit' route, which look great, but that's so five years ago, and people are starting to clue in. Why not take advantage of the beautiful ripe strawberries that abound this time of year to pull off an impressive plate that is simple to do, and also makes a nice change from all the sugar laden biscuit trays that turn up at these things. This was inspired by, you guessed it, something I saw on Pinterest, although I was all out of whipped-cream-in-a-can (because I never buy it lol) so I made hats with chocolate, instead of santas with cream.

It's pretty simple really. Start with hulled strawberries, trimmed to sit level upside down. Either melt some white chocolate and put it in a piping bag with a very small tip, or just cheat, and pick up a tube of white writing icing. Put a blob on top of each strawberry, and a ring around the bottom. Don't worry too much about how perfect you get them - this chocolate is representing fur after all, so it won't be a straight line. Just make them look "fluffy" if you can. So simple, you can whip a plateful up in half an hour (with writing icing) and everyone will gush over how clever you are! ;)