Now, I'm not planning on making regular posts about food here. I've been there, done that, with a food blog, and frankly, I just can't afford the ingredients to keep making blog worthy food every week. But there is a certain expectation, when you are known as "the crafty one", to show up with more than just a box of savoury shapes when you are asked to bring a plate, and that's what I want to help you with.

After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and the last minute, frantic, late nights desperately trying to finish those hand made gifts, you just want to kick back and relax right? Well, the Silly Season isn't over yet, because now you have to brave NYE. This is a clever idea I got from Pinterest - it makes you look like a genius, takes half an hour to prepare, and is great for kids or drunken grown ups alike!

Vegie sticks in disposable shot glasses, with dip/dressing in the bottom. No more double dipping fears!

Just buy a pack of disposable plastic shot glasses ($2 for 20 @ Coles, and 20 is plenty) and put about 1cm of dip or dressing in the bottom of each glass. I used ranch dressing, but any dip like thing would be fine. Make sure you keep your crudites (fancy name for vege sticks, now your plate can stand up to the antipasto platter!) fairly short - taller than the glasses, but not more than double the height, or you'll have trouble with them falling over. If you are using dip instead of dressing, it's probably a good idea to test the level needed in one glass first, before filling them all, as the dressing I used was fairly runny, so it moved up the glass a fair way once I'd added all the crudites. Just experiment a little, it's not rocket science. And two carrots, two celery sticks and half of each colour capsicum later, plus half an hour of chopping and arranging, I had a spread like this: