Tonight's journal page is running late, because I've been playing with new technology.
I'll be posting the improved inchie page tomorrow night, but in the meantime - we are on Google Plus! See the little red G+ logo in the Social Media box to the right there?

It's a little sparse at the moment, while I figure out whether I can attach an existing photo album to the page, or whether I have to upload them again. Regardless, I'm hoping to develop this page into a great place to interact with you readers. At the moment, we've been restricted to sharing sneak peek photos and blog post notifications on the Facebook page, which isn't much in the way of extra content. I plan on sharing more links, and pictures on the G+ page, as well as potentially having craftalongs and stitch 'n' bitch hangouts. What would you like to see on the G+ page? Unlike Facebook, I don't think there is any rules against running competition on pages, so perhaps that could be on the cards, after I've finished preparing for the upcoming silly season.

Follow us, leave me a note, let me know what you'd like to see more of. If I'm just talking to myself, interactive pages become somewhat redundant ;)