I used to be an avid Young House Love reader when we first bought our house, I was full of idealised plans for interior decoration. Sadly, the money for such a thing never fell out of the sky, so my reader slowly became clogged with cheap crafty blogs instead. Which is why I missed the first one, and knew I just had to get involved with the second round. Yup, it's time again for the Pinterest Challenge!

I was struggling to figure out what to make and post when I remembered an early birthday present I brought to a friend just a few weeks ago, that I hadn't posted yet. It was inspired by a pin that I'd pinned early this year, just knowing it was going to come in handy. Since I was turning 30 this year, of course a lot of my friends were, and I knew there'd be at least one time when a bunch of lollipops and a disparaging comment about one's age would be appropriate. The original idea came from Sisters Stuff.

It's not rocket science. Get a box, some florists foam (or polystyrene from a new motherboard's packaging) and 30 lollipops. Arrange to fit. Decorate box. Ta Da!

I used foam stars and alphanumeric sitickers to decorate the lid, instead of a fancy printed label, not because I lack a gluestick, but because our printer isn't plugged in. Yet. We've only been here two years.