Ever since I joined Craftster, I've been waiting for another round of the Labyrinth swap. So many awesome crafts had come out of that swap, and I couldn't wait to craft some of my own (and get my hands on some amazing crafts from someone else!) I made a series of amigurumis, based on the Magic Dance scene in the Throne Room. Above, you can see Toby. (based on an alien pattern)

But wait, what is this?

A reversible chicken and egg? (scroll down for the english pattern)

Oh no, Rosalinda, Chicken of Destiny! (Well, Jareth needed something to kick!)

Oh yes, Jareth. In all his (as my swap partner put it) "crotchtastic glory" :P

He is based on the Dread Pirate Sam pattern (yes, just like my Captain Morgan was)

but with a lot of adlibbing as I went (like the crotch, and the ruffles)

Posing with his namesake

Jareth was featured on GeekCrafts.com Whee!