Here it is. Finally I can post pictures of the epic project that was keeping me from my Tetris squares for so long. Made from the Dread Pirate Sam pattern from Ravelry, this guy took me a month - in part because I kept running out of embroidery floss, or sneaking in other projects on the side.

He was made for my brother, who requested rum for his christmas present. I've always thought alcohol was a bit of a cop out present, so I made him a rum buddy to go with it.

The idea was that by sticking a pipe cleaner in one arm, Captain Morgan (yes, like the rum! But not this bottle, this is the good stuff) would be able to hang off the neck of the bottle. I didn't count on the finished size of the pirate though, and the weight of all the fiberfll inside. At best the good Capt'n can balance against the bottle, at worst, he falls over backwards like the sozzled git we all know him to be.

This was the biggest and most detailed project I've attempted to date, and I was well glad to see the end of him and his head full of individually knotted hair.