Last week Master Nine (!) had a Star Wars themed birthday party, and I thought I'd share with you how I made the favours - chupa chups dressed as Jawas.

You'll need:
black felt
brown felt or woollen material
yellow paint
needle and thread
chupa chups or other lollipops

Step one
Cut out a shape like this from your brown material. The split between the head and body is a slit, not an actually wedge removed, like it appears here. I made 8 in total, hence the production line look in some of these photos.

The slit should line up with the other side of the "hood" when folded over.

Step two
Cut out a large square of black felt for the face. It should be at least as large as the top of the lollipop. Lay the felt and wool and lollipop as shown in the lower photo. Fold the top of the hood over the lollipop.

Step three
Pinching the hood closed, and making sure to tuck all the face edges in, secure with needle and thread. Catch the bottom part of the felt square but leave the top free, only tucked in.

Fold the cloak flap over and sew it down, all the way around. Sew up the back of the hood.

Step four
The hood will pull back, and the "face" flip forward to remove the lollipop. If you take care, you should be able to replace the lollipop over and over. Paint some eyes on with yellow.