Here's what I've done so far:

I've submitted this scarf as a dissertation for Nerd Wars, that nutty fiber arts game I play in the forums on Ravelry. A dissertation is a big project that takes place over all three months of a tournament, not just completed in one of the month long rounds. I figured if I was going to do such a massive project on top of my regular projects I may as well try and get some points for it, lol.

The pattern I'm using has 1040 rows. There are 11 weeks from today until dissertations need to be finished, for full points. (If I don't get it done in time for Nerd Wars, I still have until June before I need to give it to DP) I've done 35 rows so far. So that's 1005 rows, plus weaving in ends and tassels, left to finish. This week was only a partial week of knitting, as I set up my blogging posts for scheduling, so I only had 4 days, plus other projects to work on it. Seems like just over 91 rows a week isn't too much of a stretch then - I'll see how I'm going with the math on that next week!