So I mentioned on Thursday I was going to have an interactive event, so here's the aftermath. I bought a cheap tshirt from the op shop, and wrote LIFE on it in big permanent marker letters.

Then I was thinking that along with lemons, perhaps some people were waiting for life to give them a sign about something, so I made thirty tiny signs:

They say "A sign" on the outside, and on the inside "Waiting for life to give you a sign? HERE IT IS - now go big!" I used the Vintage & Fun Daisy Design place card template from Bright Hub, shrunk to fit four times on a page, and then hand wrote each one. These were the most fun to hand out, because I would walk up to people, all enigmatic and serious, say "This is for you" hand it to them and then walk off. Amazed I managed to keep a straight face to be honest! :D

Here I am showing off the lemons with the very lovely Emma, who not only came out to give lemons away with me, but also gave me a ride into town.