Master Four had a kinder birthday party to go to - the one little girl who loves Toothless and How to train your dragon as much as he does. I combined two free patterns to make this cute hat that converts to a cowl-y scarf or can just leave a hole for her long blond ponytail.

The body of the hat is made from a free pattern by the same wonderful designer that created the pixie slouch I used for Master Four's dragon hat I posted last week, and my epic rainbow hat. The colour work charts and ear pattern came from a free knitting pattern on Raverly "My Favorite Dragon hat". Instead of making a chain cord to tie up with, I used Miss Six's knitting nancy to make a length of i-cord and finished it with blue and yellow beads. It's very cute, and the birthday girl was highly excited by it.

(And yes, I realised I missed last month's Color Me Katie post - I'll try to get two in this month for you!)