I needed to make a "manly" donation to charity last month for Nerd Wars, and also something food related for team unity. The two didn't have to be in the same project, and unity is optional anyway, but I thought I really did have to use this pattern, since our unity theme was chosen because of National Fudge Day last month. You see, this pattern is called Hot Fudge Brownie. How could I resist?

Here is Master Four modelling it, to prove it really is "man sized" and then a proof of donation shot -

the hands of the pharmacist where I dropped it off. I gave this hat to Knit one, Give one, an agency that redistributes hand knit (or crocheted) goodies to various charities. I like that they give to a variety of groups, and also that they have drop off spots in locations all across Victoria. Odds are, if you live in Victoria, there is a pharmacy near you that will accept KOGO donations. Which is awfully convenient and money saving for me, not having to post things or make a trek up to Melbourne.