Sorry I went missing last week. Master Four had a birthday party, so in the lead up and aftermath of that I was a little busy to write things up. I'll have a few party related craft posts coming up, but for now, I just want to share the funky food we had.

Pictured above you'll see Dragon's Scales (chips), Gronkle Rocks (cheese and bacon balls), Nadder Spikes (carrot sticks), Viking Hats and Shields (decorated biscuits) and the Toothless cake which deserves it's own post.

The Viking Hats were made from chocolate Royals - a marshmallow topped biscuit (cookie) with jam, and covered in chocolate. I took lolly bananas, cut them in half, and affixed them either side of the Royals with a little melted chocolate. So simple and quick to do, but they look so effective. Master Four had wanted me to make Viking Hat cupcakes (the perils of browsing Pinterest for party ideas with a child on your lap) but given how little children never eat more than the icing, I thought this was a better option. And it was - there were none left over, not even pieces.

The shields were even easier to do. I bought a packet of the Coles brand mini mint slice biscuits, (but anything chocolate coated and round would do) and a tube of white writing chocolate/icing. Then I just freehanded some shield designs on them. Too easy!

Who said a kids party had to be hard work? Probably the person who saw me staying up until 1am the night before finishing the cake decorating, but that's a story for another post...