I was recently in a Dresden Files swap on Ravelry with kitton-lion. She has received, so expect to see lots of Dresden Files crafts coming up soon. But I just had to share with you all the epic things she sent me, because I'm such a lucky girl. I mean, check out the size of this box!

First off, a magnetic whiteboard, because magnets are magical, and handy for organizing things:

Then, a 4D jigsaw to make my own "Little Chicago" - yes 4D, because it has a timeline so you can "grow" the city from 1873 to 2015!

Some ranch dressing mix, because I can't get it here, and I lurve ranch - plus a recipe to make my own mix

Some incredibly luscious rainbow yarn - Knit Picks Chroma Worsted

Epically, awesome, perfectly fitting, rainbow, dragon mittens!

A spare tape measure (because, like pens, they always disappear into the Nevernever) and a very cute dragon mint tin!

More, non-dragony, mint tins - Altoids are hard to get hold of here in Australia, and I don't really like mint, so I'm loathe to pay 'imported lolly' prices for things I don't want to eat, in order to set myself up with tins for altering. Luckily kittion-lion's other half likes to eat them. I should be set for a while now!

And finally a pic of all the loot together, just to rub it in how much awesome I got ;P