Bound around my wrist was a chain made of braided strands of several metals, silver predominant. The metal shields that hung from the bracelet had, in its previous incarnation, been solid silver as well. They had been replaced with shields of silver, iron, copper, nickel, and brass.

So, Monday I posted a zombie tyrannosaurus rex, and today a shield bracelet. Yes, there's no points for guessing I was in a Dresden Files swap. It was a fair while ago, but I'm still on my concerted effort to clean out my old blog pictures folder before the crafting season kicks into full gear for this year.

This was my first foray into using polymer clay. It's pretty cool, but phoar does that stuff stink while it cooks! I couldn't find links big enough to hang the shields off the bracelet, so I had to make them myself with braided wire.

I love this leather braid. My mother had it in her stash when I was a child, and as soon as I read the passage above, it came to mind. I always planned to make a shield bracelet with it at some point, and when this swap came up, of course I had to "borrow" it from my mother's stash. I have yet to make one for myself though.