Over the last two weeks I shared with you the cowl with sleeves, and the gloves, I made for my partner in the Apocalyptic Fashion swap, and now I'll share the rest of her package. I made her a crochet and leather cuff, as well as a Zombie Apocalypse Paracord Bracelet and a Hex nut bracelet. But that's not all. With the help of my mother and her hardcore sewing machines, I transformed a pile of op shop finds from a pair of shorts into an awesome diy field bag, much like a $600 one my partner had on her pinterest.

It started with a pair of shorts, and a scrap of heavy canvas, and two belts, one webbing one to make closures, and one gorgeous braided suede one for the shoulder strap.

There was a removeable mesh pocket on the back, and a carabiner clip on the side, under the strap.

I also put a second carabiner inside, to make finding her keys easier.

And here is a close up of the cute wolf hanging from the front right pocket.