This was a massive undertaking for the Apocalyptic Fashion Swap on Craftster. It took 43 days worth of tv watching and car trips to make, though the construction is very simple. Just measure loosely around the top of your arm, where it is widest, making sure you have enough space for a shirt underneath and make a chain that wide. Now crochet into that chain and repeat until it can go up one arm, around your shoulders and neck a few times, and down the other arm. Then sew the long sides together from wrist to just before your underarm on each side, and you are done.

I used lots of fuzzy, uneven, handspun, and leftover bits out of my stash to make it look like the yarn had been scrounged after the apocalypse.

As you can see, it is very long when laid out flat. It is longer than our three seater couch. Near the end I had to start leaving it at home instead of taking it on long car trips, because it was getting too awkward to turn on my lap in the car! I think I'd like to make myself one in a nice shimmery charcoal, but I think I'd use a bigger hook, or a bigger stitch so it was less dense, and lacier.