So I'm a day late with this week's blanket post, and I completely missed last week's entirely, but I have good news - it's over!

All done bar the blocking. And since the weather here has turned from "almost spring" to "nope, still winter" I think I want to wait until yarn won't take three days to dry to attempt that. So I'll come back to this the next time we get a day or two of nice weather, but it is finished. Finito. Over. A load off my back (and hooks). It took me over a year, and now I'm enjoying a breather, a few nice, light, projects before the next epic thing. (I have my eye on an Escher tessellation fish blanket, but for that I have to learn to knit first)

Plus, I have swap crafts due. And school holidays looming. No rest for the wicked then.