Made to go with the Jareth Mitts I posted a while ago, this kawaii rabbit was a bit of a happy accident. My partner had a Lavender Bunny on her Wist, and had commented very favourably in the thread the creator posted at Craftster. I knew my partner's favourite colour was orange, so I decided to use the most-of-a-ball I had left of a burnt orange colour yarn I'd bought for doing rainbow things, before I found a nice vibrant orange. Part of the way through I realised I was going to end up running short, and buying more of a colour I wouldn't use again seemed to defeat the point of destashing the yarn in the first place, so I made everything a little shorter and smaller. Sadly the ears, being the last pieces to get made, suffered this shortage the most: even with a second yarn to stretch it out, the ears were a lot short than the purple ones. But they sat out at cute angles, so borrowing from my partner's love of manga, I decided to give it happy line eyes, and run with it.

I'm glad I did, because my partner and I became FB friends, and she accidentally saw the photo in my 365project stream, and immediately asked if it was for her, begging and hoping it was. And she was very, very, happy when the parcel finally arrived in the US and she saw her bunny.