I made this sweetie for the Be Awesome Again swap on Craftster. My partner was a big HP fan, so my mind did jump back to the Dobby I made my friend for Christmas. I wanted Dobby to stay unique though, so I made an unclothed elf, complete with cleaning accessories. I made a little mop, out of a pipe cleaner and embroidery floss, a little crocheted feather duster, and a bucket to go with the mop. I forgot to take photos of the mop and duster (and they had little loops, to hook over her thumbs too, so she could "hold" them by herself), but I did remember to take a photo of the bucket, and I wrote down my pattern while I did it too, so here it is!

1. Make 5 sc in a magic ring with silver/grey (5)
2. Inc around (10)
3. *Sc, Inc* around (15)
4. IN BACK LOOPS ONLY: Sc around (15)
5-6. BACK TO NORMAL STITCHES: Sc around (15)
7. *Sc, sc, inc* around (20)
8. Sc around (20)
9. *Sc, sc, sc, inc* around (25)
10-11. Sc around (25) Finish with a ss, fasten off.

Chain 15 with brown.
Sc into grey bucket.
Tie tail end of chain to the opposite side of the bucket.
Sc along brown chain, remembering to work over ends. Finish with a sc in the grey bucket, and then a ss back in the handle.

I also made her a little tea cosy she could wear as a hat, so she wouldn't catch a cold, going from the Australian Summer, to a snowy American Winter. It is strictly a tea cosy mind, and not a hat - the elf (named Dusty by her new owner) was a very proud elf who would not have survived clothes. She's a respectable elf thank you very much!