My sister has been playing D&D since she was in high school, and since last week was her 40th birthday, that's a pretty long time. This is part of what I made for her birthday present - after seeing the pattern, I just couldn't resist making one. Even if I did have to learn a new technique (the magic loop) and a bunch of stitches I'd never done before.

The pattern is here if you have a bunch of spare time on your hands and want to give this a go! You'll want to join the triangles together on the outside, perhaps with single crochet, to get the ridged effect I have. I joined mine together inside, with invisible seams, and then had to go over every one of the 60 seams to get rid of the 'ball' look.

4yo's hands shown for size illustrative purposes only. 4yo not included ;)

I kind of want one for myself now. But if I ever say I'm going to do a project with more than 10 pieces, slap me. 12 squares of each colour is bad enough with the blanket, but this thing, obviously, had 20 sides, therefore 20 triangles.

20 triangles, ready for joining.

Point me back to this post or something. Not that it'll work though, it seems I'm a glutton for punishment.