Perhaps it is cheating to feature Master Six's homework as the second post of the week, but it was kid friendly, and crafty, and very fitting with the philosophy of this site. Which is summed up in the title really: Never mind the claw marks.

Originally what popped into my brain as a pun on what crafts made by a creature with talons instead of fingers would look like, has slowly stewed into a whole hearted embracing of the imperfect nature of handmade crafts - mine in particular. Like the dragon who can't help but leave claw marks, by my ineptitude, I can't help but make beginner's mistakes. But by sharing my pieces with the world, and persevering, I'll get better, and learn to embrace myself and my skill set as they are.

Just look at how proud Master Six is of his "sculpture" made from recyclables. It's a dog called Bruno, homework for Green week, and he thinks it is the bees knees. Who knew sticky taping boxes together could be such a source of enjoyment?

So just a reminder to the parents out there, that craft activities don't have to be elaborate, and the end result doesn't have to be something you'd hang on your wall, for it to be fun, and an object of pride.