I have a deadline! I've added finishing the Epic Blanket of Doom to my Things to do before I turn 30 list. It's like a bucket list, only with a stricter deadline. I need to get some of the stupider and more foolhardy things off my bucket list before I get too old to do them, plus, this list has some of the things I really want to get done in the next year.

So that gives me 53 weeks to get this thing finished. At an average rate of 3 1/2 squares per week, it will be doable, but only if I don't have more weeks like last one. And of course, I have to allow time to stitch the pieces and the blanket together. So I better get a wiggle on, but at least this week I got 4 more squares done, finishing the reds, and that leaves me with a total of 188 left to do.