I decided to start a new blog for all my art and crafty type things, hopefully this will induce me to do more crafty type things, so I have stuff to post. Unlike Dragon Musings, this won't be a daily updated blog, at least not for now, but I hope to at least post weekly. We'll see.

You can expect to see a lot of rainbow type knotted friendship bracelets, both in the next few days as I clear my backlog of craft photos, and over the next few months, as I am making a stack of them as goody bag favours for Miss Four's Rainbow Birthday Party in November.

Occasionally I'll also post graphics and images I've done on the computer, I've done a few for other people's websites, and I love spending hours playing with GIMP.

I have plans for an awesome blanket in the works, that I will mention further in a later post, and I'll be posting on that regularly to keep me motivated to finish it! lol.